As the Employer ...

The success of any business depends on having the right people in your workforce. When you employ someone, ensure you do not limit your talent pool and overlook the skills individuals with disabilities have to offer. Sometimes adjustments are needed when employing a person with a disability, this does not necessarily cost money, it usually means "doing things a little differently".

We can support you in making these changes in a way that creates a positive impact for your business. Employing a person with a disability is no more of a risk than employing anyone else – and an employee with a disability may have talents that could really benefit your business. For example; their experience could increase your knowledge of dealing effectively with customers with a disability.

Ask yourself, "why exactly can't we employ a person with a disability"?

Our offer to you:

  • We will work closely with the Employer to match the Employee to the right job.
  • We support the Employer to access wage subsidies if required. 
  • We will share the responsibility with the Employer for the job training by working alongside the Employee whilst they are learning the job.
  • We will provide ongoing information and back up to both the Employer and Employee to ensure success in the job.

As the Employer we have included an important link to consider...

Ministry of Social Development



Manukau Office
P O Box 94-006
Manukau city
P: 09 968-8765 ext 7144
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Pt Chevalier Office
P O Box 44-288
Pt Chevalier
P: 09 8154321 ext 8375
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